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"How can we build an acrylic bird cage  for you?" We have a wide selection of bird cages that can be built with all types of material.

Nobody knows your bird's cage or bird cage requirement for a bird cage except you; that is why we ask you to help design the acrylic bird cage that's right for your bird. Our bird cages include the manzanita, or ribbonwood, or grapewood, or acrylic perches. We offer Bird-Zerk Feeders, water systems from BirdTouch and AgSelect and quality bird food from Zeigler. Now you can stop the mess and start enjoying your birds.

Acrylic (or plastic) questions, please go to the Plastics Info page and there you will find the answers to all your questions about plastic cleaners, polish and scratch removal supplies.

Call Eric in the shop: 877-388-3792

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Air Filters for bird cages click here. Filters dust and dander before it enters your living space.

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Ventilation bird cages. Natural convection laminar air flow air filtration system, fan driven exhaust system.
Filters dust and dander before it enters your living space

Bird cage, bird cages, Finch Cages, Cockatoo Cages, Parrot Cages,  Cockatiel cages, African Gray cages, Macaw cages, flight cages. Call Eric in the shop, direct: 877-388-3792 for all your habitat needs.