Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

PVC Coated Wire.

1/2 x 1/2  0.080 Stainless Steel Wire

1 x 1" 0.080 Stainless Steel Wire

1/2 x 1/2" 0.063 Black PVC Coated

1/2 x 1" 0.063 Black PVC Coated

1" x 1" 12 GA Black PVC Coated

1 x 2" 14 GA Black PVC Coated

36"-48" x 50' or 100' Wire Rolls

Will cut to size.

Welded wire offers increased air flow and additional area for climbing, and perch installation. Contact us to talk about how we can included wire in the acrylic bird cage fabrication process. 

For larger and more destructive parrots, we offer powder coated metal bars in place of welded wire.

Aviary Material: PVC coated wire, galvanized after weld, or  PVC coated.. 

All stainless steel wire or PVC coated is great for animal husbandry, fencing, aquaculture, chain link in gardens, zoos or stadiums. Longer life than iron wire