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"We can build any size play stand!"

We can cut the branchy material at the fork. This gives you a semi-straight perch as well as some forked material. The brushy material can be cut or snapped off depending on the size of the bird or the look that you want for the habitat. All perches bolt with a 1/4" insert and wing nut. We include acrylic washers

Scroll down to see the samples.

Straight or curved? You tell us! Click for big pics.
Forked Size? You tell us! Click for big pics.
  12-16" Brushy manzanita. Click for big pics.
18-24" Brushy manzanita. Click for pics.
32-36" Brushy Manzanita. Click for pics.
42-48" Brushy Manzanita. Click for pics.
72" Brushy Top / Solid manzanita base. Click for pics.











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Mountain Manzanita Perches: