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Bird-Zerk Feeders:

This Avian Veterinarian approved feeder is constructed of high strength clear acrylic and is designed to withstand bird abuse. Acrylic Bird Cages will install the BIRD-ZERK FEEDER. BIRD-ZERK is low maintenance and is easily cleaned. It instantly shows you how much food your bird has consumed and we will fit it to any cage. The BIRD-ZERK FEEDER comes apart into two pieces. Half of the feeder, the part the bird eats out of attaches to the inside of the cage, the recapturing part of the feeder attaches on the outside of the cage. The two halves bolt back together through the acrylic wall and you do not have to damage your expensive cages. When you bolt the two halves of the feeder together, it becomes part of your cage, and the birds cannot unhook it, letting the feeder fall to the floor and break.