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Who Is Zeigler?

What Is Zeigler?  

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bullet_red_onwhite.gif (115 bytes)No Artificial Colors

Zeigler pelleted diets contain no artificial colors that are often added for consumer appeal.  What you receive is a nutritionally-balanced diet that's been carefully researched by Nutritionists and tested worldwide to meet the requirements of pet animals.

bullet_red_onwhite.gif (115 bytes) Highly Digestible Proteins

Birds cannot digest many forms of proteins.   Our diets are formulated with ingredients containing highly digestible proteins which help birds achieve a uniform amino acid balance for proper nutrition.

bullet_red_onwhite.gif (115 bytes) Stable Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a very important part of the diet, but unfortunately, it is not very shelf stable and usually breaks down before being consumed.  Along with university researchers, we have helped develop a stable form of Vitamin C, called Stay-C, that is formulated into all of our pet diets.

bullet_red_onwhite.gif (115 bytes) Private Labeling

Our program is quite flexible, enabling us to manufacture and/or package products under other brand names. You can develop your very own product line while we handle the nutritional details inside the package!

bullet_red_onwhite.gif (115 bytes) Used by Zoos & Veterinarians Worldwide

Zeigler pet diets have been used by over seventy  zoos across the US, as well in Europe, Central America, and the Philippines!   Since 1970, veterinarians have praised the Zeigler pet line for aiding in the growth and development of healthy animals.

bullet_red_onwhite.gif (115 bytes) Complete Tropical Fish Programtropical2.gif (21227 bytes)

We offer a complete line tropical and ornamental fish diets.   All these products are formulated as completely-balanced and highly-palatable diets incorporating color-enhancers and proteinated trace minerals for stability. 

bullet_red_onwhite.gif (115 bytes) Nitrogen-Preserved Packaging

Most of our pet diets come packaged in nitrogen-preserved containers to help prolong shelf-life.  This process removes oxygen and keeps the package air-tight to help prevent rancidity and infestation. 

Who is Zeigler Foods?

What Is Zeigler?

Monster Diets