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Policies: Return Authorization is required. Click here.

Cages returned without paper mask is subject to a 40% Restocking Fee

Oak cabinet-style habitats that are returned are subject to a 25% Restocking Fee. If paper is removed, an additional 20% Restocking Fee is applied..

Specific size: There are No Refunds For Cages Built To Fit Specific Locations Within RV's, Boats, Shelf Or Wall Units. If the habitat does not fit because of error in measurements on our part, we will allow a refund or replacement at no extra charge to the customer. If a measurement is wrong on your part, let's work it out!

Full Price Less Shipping Charges will be applied to all other returns.

We make every effort to build and ship the habitat that you expect. The following agreements are expected to be understood when ordering an acrylic habitat from Acrylic Bird Cages: There are no cash refunds on acrylic habitats that are built to your specifications or DEMO Cages. DEMO Cages are discounted because of slight imperfections due to bird show attendance and/or photos for the brochure. Refunds or exchanges are allowed on Pre-built cages only. All claims must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. Paperless plastic cannot be reused. There is a 30% Restocking Fee. If one or more pieces are damaged and need to be exchanged, Restocking Fee Does Not Apply. Please send photo of damage.
Damage in Shipping: Workmanship:
All habitats are shipped prepaid and are insured for the invoice amount. If damage occurs, the problem is resolved through the carrier. If the package is damaged when it arrives, you have two choices: open it and document any damage in the presence of the driver, or you may refuse the shipment. ALL CLAIMS FOR DAMAGE MUST BE REPORTED TO US WITHIN 24 HOURS OF RECEIPT. All work performed at Acrylic Bird Cages is guaranteed to be at its best workmanship possible. If the habitat is not what you expected, please call immediately to explain. We ask that you send a picture of the discrepancy or arrange to ship the habitat back for our inspection. Original packing material must be intact. Shipments must be insured for full invoice value. If the problem is as stated, we will correct it or replace the habitat at no extra charge.
Design Error: Your bird's happiness:
The goal of The Final Design process is to insure that all parties are in agreement as to what is expected in the design and construction of the habitat. If you receive your habitat and you think it is not what you expected, please call immediately. We will follow the guidelines in the Workmanship and Damage in Shipping outline. Acrylic Bird Cages' goal is to allow unobstructed vision for your bird. We can only assume that your bird would prefer this as much as you. That is why we will make every effort of trying to resolve any issue in Shipping, Workmanship or Design Error.

Design Fees:

After you accept the quote, and the Final Design is not what you expected, a $75.00 Design Fee will be applied to the invoice for each Final Design and the balance of the agreed upon price will be refunded. Revised orders or design agreements are subject to shop rate and materials. Hourly shop rate is $50.00 plus materials and shipping.

Tolerances: If measurements are critical, please specify in the Final Design.

Laser:  Please inquire or click here for laser cutting info.

Router:  0.0625" - 0.125" +/- 0.03125"

Wood Trim: Unless specified, within 0.25" - 1.00" of drawing.

Late Policy:

We don't like it, but "late happens" because each habitat is built one at a time for each customer. We don't rush! But we try and stay within the specified time frame.

Returns click here.