Frequently Asked Questions about acrylic bird cages.


How do birds breathe in acrylic cages?

For air flow, we use a stainless steel wire mesh top. The wire opening is 1/2" x 1/2". There are holes in the sides and back and a slot above the tray.

How do birds climb?

Birds can climb on perches or metal bars. If metal bars are added to the design of the cage, some debris will be allowed to escape the enclosure.

Can the birds chew the oak or cherry corners?

No! The oak or cherry corners are protected from any bird contact.

Is there a debris tray?

Yes. It pulls out like a drawer.

Is there a grate over the debris tray?

Grates are an add-on. It is stainless steel wire just like the top.

How do you mount perches or hang toys?

There are holes in the sides and back. Toys hang from the top.

My budget for another cage is lower than a snake's belly! Got any good deals??

Go to the Specials Page and see what's discounted. Or call the shop and ask what sitting on the shelf. Shop 877.388.3792.

I know acrylic panels will help reduce the mess. How do I measure my metal cage for acrylic panels?

Measure from corner to corner and subtract a 1/2". Measure from the top to the existing floor. That's it!

Can I receive a brochure?

Yes. Send an email with your name and address. Click here: Brochure




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