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Edstrom 8 oz. Bottle Waterer with Mounting Spring
ID #: 1000-8808-001

Acrylic Bird Cages will install the Edstrom Bottle Waterer to any size acrylic cage. It is made from rugged, clear, PVC plastic and is equipped with our reliable Drinking Valve. The positive closing Edstrom Valve means no leaking or dripping! It assures your birds or animals a source of fresh, clean drinking water. Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils, and small birds. Makes watering faster and easier. Great for travel and medicating.



  • Flip-top opening for easy filling on cage
  • Edstrom Valve has very low actuation force...easily operated by the smallest rodents or birds
  • Edstrom Valve does NOT operate on vacuum principal...therefore saliva and feed are not sucked up into the water bottle
  • Rectangular shaped bottle mounts neatly to side of cage with stainless steel mounting spring
  • Lid can be removed for easy cleaning of bottle
  • Edstrom Drinking Valve is constructed of brass and stainless steel with rugged silicone seals
  • Water stays clean and fresh
  • Dishwasher safe