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  HEPA Air Filter Systems:
HEPA is the acronym for "high efficiency particulate arresting."  This is the best system for stopping pollen, mold spores and dust down to microscopic size and helping with hay fever and allergies.  HEPA also removes many smoke particles.

HEPA is a super fine mechanical filter it does not stop chemicals and odors.  These units also use use activated carbon to absorb chemicals and odors. This is helpful for people who have multiple chemical sensitivities and those that live near industry and freeways.  Cigar and cigarette odor is also addressed because the chemicals in the smoke are absorbed by the activated carbon.

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Allerpet/B for Birds or People with Bird Allergies

Ventilation for bird cages using the natural convection and laminar air flow. Check out our exclusive air filtration system, fan driven exhaust system. Filters most dust and dander before it enters your living space.

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Reptile Cages, Iguana cages, lizard cages, snake cages, turtle cages, hamster cages, mice cages, monkey cages. Call Eric in the shop, direct: 877-388-3792 for all your habitat needs.




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