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  Bird Dander:

Q: What is bird dander?

A: Bird dander is a feather-dust, which can cause allergic reactions. Our HEPA Air Filter System is 99.7% efficient at removing particulates as small as 0.3 microns.

Q: Any suggestions to how I can reduce my exposure to animal dander?

A: Remove the pet from the house and then clean ALL surfaces thoroughly with a damp cloth.

  • Use our HEPA Air Filter System. HEPA, (High Efficiency Particulate) can trap the tiny particles of animal dander.
  • Bathe your pet weekly with Allerpet, a shampoo and conditioner.

Click here for HEPA Filter Pricing.

Standard Air Filter/Fan click here.






Ventilation bird cages. Natural convection laminar air flow air filtration system, fan driven exhaust system.
Filters dust and dander before it enters your living space















Reptile Cages, Iguana cages, lizard cages, snake cages, turtle cages, hamster cages, mice cages, monkey cages. Call Eric in the shop, direct: 877-388-3792 for all your habitat needs.




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