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Step 4: Corners





"The heat-bends give the habitat that aquarium look"


The acrylic bird habitat generally has its roof and floor edges routed flush to the sides. This type of edge should only appear on the back side, or the side that is out of view. The heat bends are much nicer for front viewing.




If the large radius heat bend is not required, we use the standard 90 degree heat bend. This is a common technique for most acrylic fabrication. We use it for all bends that are viewed from the front. It eliminates the defects often found in the acrylic welding process.


The 1-3" radius heat bend is not a common feature in bird habitats. Nor is it common with acrylic fabrication.  But we do it because the results are quite impressive. This type of bend allows more visual area for you or your bird's viewing pleasure.



The overhang can be compared to the eaves of a roof on the house. The edge is routed for a round over affect. And that eliminates the abrupt edge of acrylic when it is routed flush  to the edge.


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