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Sectional Habitats: 

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Click Here For New Oak Cabinet Style Habitats.


Divided cage (two equal sections) with black-powder coated climbing bars, manzanita perches, stainless steel wire top, oak corners, oak base, drop-down door to access storage area and shelf, castors, four Lixit Bowls.

Click for larger picture.

60" x 24" x 36" Cage with removable divider. With base, 60" tall.


Acrylic cage divided in three equal sections: 24" wide x 24" deep x 30" tall. Perches, debris tray, 6-Lixit bowls, acrylic or oak corners, stainless steel wire mesh top. Oak cabinet with pull-open drawer, castors

Click for larger picture.

72 x 24 x 30" tall cage with 2-removeable dividers. With 30" base.



Openings cut into acrylic top.


Side view after.


Acrylic bars or stainless steel mesh wire over opening for increased air flow.


Front view prior to cutting doors.


Front view.

Sections are divided with removable acrylic.

Depending on style, the acrylic divider pulls upward through the roof or the roof is removed to allow the divider to be removed.